Eisuke Mori at work



波の時代が終わり、鳥の時代が到来しました。/The times of the wave were over, and the times of the bird came.



ace mori name Eisuke T..Mori  (read: Ace-Que)
nick name Ace
birth 1975/04/22
born Tokyo Japan

Contemporary Artist

Art Director


Ceramic, photo,carving, Gardening,

make movie and DTM music , DJ,


1号= 200,000 JPY

(1号 = 22㎝ × 16㎝ )

Ace T. Mori

Ace was born in Tokyo in 1975. He has been to the United States in 1992. He was based in Boston, Tokyo, Bangkok, Phnom Penh and now a remote island in Okinawa.

Ace is currently setting up an atelier on a remote island in the south, growing flowers and honing her senses in nature.
He rediscovers the nature around him and creates paintings.

The background to his Ace production is a mix of Western and Eastern art. It comes from overseas experience and is a new genre of painting called `modern Japonism`.
He was called the "Magician of Colors" and participated in live painting events.

He signed a contract with the Boston Gallery (Space12 Gallery) in his mid-20s, and then the London Gallery (James Kinmont Gallery).And a contract. Also work as a photographer. He also take video

30s He is tired of his busy days due to appearances in the media and collaboration with companies,
and He is going on a trip to Southeast Asia. What am I drawing for? Then He find the answer in Cambodia.

Returned to Japan in the mid-40s, moved in Okinawa,Japan 2019. .

Currently he is working on [Exotic OKINAWA] ,photo book and an art book


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